Frequently asked questions on our French courses in Annecy in France

  • Which text books do the teachers use in class?

    The teachers work with several different text books and authentic documents

  • Are registration fees, manuals, and transfers included in the price?

    There is a 40€ registration fee and a non-refundable course deposit.

    The school provides the activity sheets (there are no textbooks). Transfers and insurance are optional and not included in the price.

  • Is health/accident insurance proposed?

    Yes, subscriptions possible in the IFALPES office on arrival.

  • Is the student picked up on arrival at the train station or the airport?

    The accommodation service can arrange this service if requested. Please contact for more information and booking.

  • Do the students have access to a room to study, free use of internet?

    Yes, the computer room allows free access to internet during the institute's opening hours.

    There is also a free WIFI connection in the school.

    A small room is available for independent or small group study. The city also has a large library where the students can study and check out material.

  • Is IFALPES situated in the town centre, on the outskirts or on a campus?

    IFALPES is very near the centre of town and central station, an easy 15 minute walk. Bicycles can be rented, and buses also run from the town centre to the school.

  • Who organizes the cultural activities?

    All the activities are organized by IFALPES. The Institute keeps the students informed of other activities and local happenings of interest.

  • If classes fall on a bank holiday, are they made up?

    No, they are not made up, but most often an optional day-trip is offered instead.

  • How long is a class?

    One lesson = 45 minutes of teaching and 5 minutes break.

    One lesson lasts 3h20 and takes place either in the morning or in the afternoon (depending on the monthly timetable).

  • How big are the groups?

    An average of 10 for the complete beginners and between 12 and a maximum of 15 for the other levels.

  • Is it possible to prepare and pass certifications?

    Yes, you can prepare for the DELF and DALF exams (a minimum of 5 students is required to open the course). You can also prepare and sit the TCF exam directly in our school.

  • When do beginner courses take place?

    Beginners must start at the beginning of a programmed session, for the intensive 20-lesson course. If there are fewer than 6 students enrolled, IFALPES may cancel the course or reduce the number of classroom hours.

  • How many levels of classes are offered at any one time?

    There is normally a group of complete beginners, plus the 5 groups of the European framework: A1 Breakthrough, A2 Waystage, B1 Threshold, B2 Vantage, C1 Effectif Operational Proficiency.

  • Is there a minimum age?

     Except for high school groups with group leaders, the minimum age is 18. IFALPES French classes are geared to adults.