Stories from persons who came to learn French


Anna SIROTKINA, Russia



I was lucky to get to know the region of Haute-Savoie and more specificaly the city of Annecy for 2 weeks. This little « Venice of the Alps » moved my heart. I will never forget the shiny lake under the sun, the mountains and the small streets of the « vieille ville ». It was like a dream…
I spent these 2 weeks at IFALPES for the French learning programme. As a future teacher of French and thanks to the C1 level courses and homework, I was ableto progress.

During my stay I was able to take part in some cultural activities organized by the school such as cheese tasting, visit of Evian and Yvoire, and of course the famous « fête du lac » with its fireworks.
Besides all that, whatI also loved was my relationship with my host-family; they were always here to help me and talk with me in french during dinner.

I’m very happy about this experience…it was 15 days of pure happiness!

Fernando José TOMAS NAVARRO, Spain


I didn’t speak French at all when I arrived at IFALPES 2 months ago.
Today, I think my level has increased a lot; at least I can understand what people say and I’m able to express myself.

What I like in this school is the timetable flexibility. Two weeks ago, I was able to change to the super-intensive programme in order to progress quicker.
What I also like is the fact that it was so easy for me getting to know all the other students: teachers are also great and always here to help us.

I needed to learn French in order to go to university in Geneva and take part in a physics programme. In a few weeks I will sit the TCF exam at IFALPES.

I intend to come back during summer to increase my level of French but also to have a good time in this wonderful city that is Annecy!

Kieran MC GOLDRICK, Australia


I’m here at IFALPES since 21st January 2013. My contacts with the other students have been wonderful from the beginning since we are all here for the same goal!
I decided to study French for my pleasure. It was also a good means to travel and discover France.
I’m staying with a host-family and that’s great as it enables me to speak French outside school.
Staying in Annecy is a good opportunity to go skiing on the weekends, I love it! You can choose which season we wish to study French because summer is also great with the lake!
After my stay at Ifalpes, I plan on going to Spain for a few weeks and then go back home to Australia with the intention of coming back here next year.